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What I Offer

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Childcare Services

A 'Play and Learn' EYFS nanny with over 18 years experience.

I have worked in childcare for over 18 years, starting as a nursery nurse, a 0-5 play and learn instructor and moving on in later years to become a private nanny and an IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Instructor.

With all of the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years, as a nanny I offer the following nurturing elements; 

  • A monthly development report 

  • Daily activity planning centred around the EYFS framework 

  • Daily reports and observations and a diary from your child's perspective 

  • Attend at least one learning group per day 

  • Organise creative and educational activities based on your child's age 

  • Provide housekeeping, cooking and meal planning 

  • Share photos and observations through a private messaging service 

  • Work on 0-5 development explaining the scientific benefits for each activity 

  • Adapt to your needs and lifestyle in a holistic way to ensure that we maintain consistency within yours and your children's lives and work in partnership with you 

  • Take responsibility for the safeguarding of your child 

  • Always have your child's best interest at heart and nurture to the best of my ability 


  • Fully qualified EYFS nanny 

  • Fully qualified Play and learn instructor 

  • Fully qualified baby massage instructor 

  • Safeguarding certification 

  • First aid trained 

  • DBS checked 

  • Full driving license 

  • Non-smoker

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Baby Massage

A five week course designed to nurture parent's and baby's well-being. Helping you feel loved, honoured, valued and respected in your role

Please continue to scroll down the page to find out all there is to know about Mother Nurture Baby Massage or feel free to contact me at any time for a 1:1 chat

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Chill Babies

A five week sensory, mindfulness, 0 - 1 developmental activity focused class.

Chill babies is a wonderful follow up class from baby massage that offers sensory and relaxation. 

Here is what's included;

  • Story/nursery rhyme massage 

  • Breathing and relaxation exercises 

  • Developmental activities including working on sensory, auditory, visual, tactile, movement to music and rythmn, and principles of baby yoga 

  • Meditation and wind down time 

  • Class discussion time 

  • FREE wellness tea/coffee and cake 

To find out more visit Mother Nurture Chill Babies on Facebook where you will see lots of gorgeous photos ! 

or please feel free to contact me. 

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Mother Nurture Baby Massage by Cheryl

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Baby Massage 

" An Ancient art that connects you deeply with the person who is your baby " 

- Vimala Mcclure -

Promoting Love, Nurture, Respect, Touch, and Understanding.

I am a fully trained and certified instructor with the 'International Association Of Infant Massage', who are "Passionate about ensuring that every baby receives nurturing touch as a fundamental human right".

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The course consists of 5 x 90 minute classes in which we will learn the full baby massage and special colic routine, we will do this consecutively over a five week period. We will also talk about how we can adapt massage as your baby grows up- massage is not only for babies but can be adapted throughout a person’s life forever! 

During each class we will do some relaxation techniques for yourselves in order to help you and baby feel calm and relaxed throughout the massage/ class. We will also allow time for discussion and sharing ideas with a nice warming cup of tea or coffee!

A necessity if you ask me!

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  • Stimulating, calming and relaxing. 

  • Helps promote a secure attachment.

  • Helps babies to feel loved, seen and important.

  • Produces melatonin which can help with sleep.

  • Promotes brain and physical development. 

  • Strengthens the immune system. 

  • Helps with bonding and communication.

  • Can help relieve pain from teething.

  • Helps with colic and the digestive system.

  • And many more incredible benefits taught throughout the course 

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  • Do not worry if your baby does not want to participate or if they need to sleep, feed, or have their nappy changed at any time throughout the class! This is all normal and OK. 

  • Some babies have slept through the entire session- remember this is also YOUR time and a chance for you to learn the massage techniques to be able to do them in the comfort of your own home, in your own surroundings and when your baby needs you or to be reassured.

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  • A towel for babies to lie on (yoga mats will also be provided for extra comfort).

  • A blanket if you wish to bring one.

  • Please wear loose or comfortable clothing yourselves and you may also want to bring along a water bottle as a drink for yourselves too. 

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"Cheryl is superb and her love for what she does comes through in abundance.
I wish the sessions could be ongoing as that time every week is so relaxing. Not only for my baby girl but also me.
It wasn't clicky at all (which can often be the case at baby classes) and I felt relaxed week on week going to the sessions.

I have already recommended Cheryl and her sessions to others in my NCT group and expectant friends. I would not hesitate to recommend Cheryl to others either"


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" I would definitely recommend this course to all parents with new babies. Not only do you learn these amazing techniques to massage your baby, you also meet new people and it becomes a safe space to share experiences and struggles that come with parenthood, Thank you once again, Cheryl "


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"As a first time mum, I had the most wonderful time bonding with my son at mother nurture baby massage. He enjoyed each class and was always so relaxed afterwards, he even smiled for the first time during class and we made some wonderful memories. Cheryl was so encouraging and supportive throughout the course, and even provided excellent after care of advice and continuous guidance, ensuring I continued to carry it out successfully from home. This experience is a must for all mums!"


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A Little About Myself

My Experience

Having worked in childcare for over 18 years as an educational play and learn EYFS nanny and in the superb play and learn centre that is Gymboree, Leamington Spa, I have learned a huge amount about nurturing at the key stage levels of development which I believe in these early years to be so important to help set the foundations for the rest of their precious lives. 

This lead me on to training in baby massage with the IAIM ( International Association of Infant Massage ) which is a

“global organisation and world- class standard for the training and teaching of baby massage. It consists of tens of thousands of people from around the world, who are passionate about ensuring that every baby receives nurturing touch as a fundamental human right” 

The IAIM uses four different styles of massage- Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and gentle movements, during the five week course I will describe the benefits of each of these techniques.

Training to become a baby massage instructor has had a profound effect on me as an adult and I have come to the realisation that as our skin is the largest organ it is no wonder it has such an impact on us when we are nurtured, touched or massaged both as a baby and as an adult! It releases happy hormones known as Oxytocin and has such incredible benefits. 

My main focus and aim is to help parent's feel loved, supported, valued and honoured in their role whilst nurturing their own holistic well-being at the same time as their baby's. 

During each class we focus on breathing and relaxation techniques for parent's before we begin the beautiful bonding experience of the massage whilst always listening to babies cues. 

Please feel free to contact me for further information about the course and what to expect. 

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Included in the 5 week course

  • Free organic cold pressed massage oil with vitamin E

  • Free cake and wellness tea ( or hot drink of your choice) weekly 

  • Free baby massage IAIM booklet to guide you alongside the course and to take home as yours and use as reference 

  • A photo opportunity to treasure for life and keepsake 

  • Full tutor support throughout from a fully qualified and certified IAIM instructor 

  • With permission we will set up a friendship and support chat for you to connect and form friendships and bonds with your fellow baby massage friends 

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